Monday, January 17, 2011

Bedding and More

I realize that not TOO many vacationers come to Hot Springs or to Hot Springs Village to shop for furniture... BUT...after having been in the business for 5 years i have seen how many come to Hot Springs for vacation and end up buying a condo or a home on the lake. So... for that reason alone you should know WHERE to shop!!!

Bedding and More in Hot Springs Village is THE best place to shop for bedding and furniture! With low overhead, this place can sell things at a fraction of what they sell other places. And believe ME, i have sold furniture for years and been in hundreds of stores... i know what i'm talking about!

Rest easy on any of the mattresses, recliners, and liven up your home with a new sofa or a new dining room table!

Bedding and More located in Hot Springs Village right across from the main gate on Highway 7. It's a MUST shop if you are in the need for anything for your home!

Call owner Jere Matthews at 501-984-6644 today to ask any questions or for directions!

Bedding and More...where you leave on Cloud 9!

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