Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mid America Pictures

We went today for a day of family fun! I took these pictures with a blackberry so I apologize if they don't load very clear. But at least you can kinda get a glimpse into the GREAT family fun this museum is!

But i will say, it is DEFINITLEY a Mrs. :)

Build a mountain, create a river... all while having fun and learning!

Even the little kids can work the pumps!

Fun photo ops :)

Even grown ups enjoy this place!!!

Night crawler tunnel. Kids get to experience how worms move around under the ground. AND the best part for parents is that there are screens so you can see your child throughout the whole thing without having to crawl through it yourself.

FUN ways to learn about gravity!

Very cool steam engine... kids are learning and having fun! And parents are glad to be not be walking outside in the heat!

Experience underground Arkansas by going through the cave/tunnel. VERY cool! All ages can fit :)

Learn how all types of energy work.

How much would you weigh on the sun? Didn't you ALWAYS wonder :)

And the dreaded earth scale... don't worry its off by about 30 pounds!

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