Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gracious, Independent, Retirement living

This post won't apply to everyone, but for those of you that stumbled upon this blog by searching for a retirement community in Hot Springs then you have come to the RIGHT place.

Hot Springs offers several wonderful facilities to help seniors retire the way they should. But ONE place in particular stands out to me.

Crown Trace Villa in Hot Springs, Arkansas is the best choice for you to place your loved one in. Crown Trace Villa is like a lot of facilities in that they provide housekeeping, wonderful meals, travel to and from doctors and other places...but the staff there is AMAZING! The CNA's, The RN's, the cooks, the kitchen staff, the on-site managers... everyone is SO great!!!

If you want to visit a place that stands out for their service, attitudes, and faith, then visit Crown Trace Villa today!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Look out for PEDESTRIANS!

I understand that its Arkansas law that pedestrians have the right of way... BUT... in Hot Springs it tends to depend on where you are in town.

If you are leaving Oaklawn... traffic will stop for you. If you are downtown walking--EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE WALK SIGNAL--you will get runover. Nobody stops for you.

I've lived here for 8 years and I will never understand it. But i think as a person who may potentially visit Hot Springs, Arkansas... you HAVE to be warned.

Oaklawn-Hot Springs

OAKLAWN has Triple Points on Mondays! Go to Oaklawn and try your luck and receive TRIPLE points! That doesn't mean much to most... BUT... keep this in mind. When you sign up at Oaklawn you receieve $10 to play (its cash... you can leave, or play) and then for every 100 points you earn on your PLAYERS card you receieve $10 bucks. So... go on Mondays and earn triple points.

And of COURSE Wednesdays has double points.

go to OAKLAWNS website by clicking here and get alllll the details :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bedding and More

I realize that not TOO many vacationers come to Hot Springs or to Hot Springs Village to shop for furniture... BUT...after having been in the business for 5 years i have seen how many come to Hot Springs for vacation and end up buying a condo or a home on the lake. So... for that reason alone you should know WHERE to shop!!!

Bedding and More in Hot Springs Village is THE best place to shop for bedding and furniture! With low overhead, this place can sell things at a fraction of what they sell other places. And believe ME, i have sold furniture for years and been in hundreds of stores... i know what i'm talking about!

Rest easy on any of the mattresses, recliners, and liven up your home with a new sofa or a new dining room table!

Bedding and More located in Hot Springs Village right across from the main gate on Highway 7. It's a MUST shop if you are in the need for anything for your home!

Call owner Jere Matthews at 501-984-6644 today to ask any questions or for directions!

Bedding and More...where you leave on Cloud 9!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mid America Pictures

We went today for a day of family fun! I took these pictures with a blackberry so I apologize if they don't load very clear. But at least you can kinda get a glimpse into the GREAT family fun this museum is!

But i will say, it is DEFINITLEY a Mrs. :)

Build a mountain, create a river... all while having fun and learning!

Even the little kids can work the pumps!

Fun photo ops :)

Even grown ups enjoy this place!!!

Night crawler tunnel. Kids get to experience how worms move around under the ground. AND the best part for parents is that there are screens so you can see your child throughout the whole thing without having to crawl through it yourself.

FUN ways to learn about gravity!

Very cool steam engine... kids are learning and having fun! And parents are glad to be not be walking outside in the heat!

Experience underground Arkansas by going through the cave/tunnel. VERY cool! All ages can fit :)

Learn how all types of energy work.

How much would you weigh on the sun? Didn't you ALWAYS wonder :)

And the dreaded earth scale... don't worry its off by about 30 pounds!

And their off...

Oaklawn. Hot Springs is known for hot water and fast horses. Those two things bring so many people to Hot Springs EVERY year!

Racing season for 2011 starts on January 15th(delayed a day because of weather) and will run through April 16th. This is the 107th year of Oaklawn. Kinda crazy, huh?!

A few years back Oaklawn expanded and we now have a casino in the newer half of Oaklawn. It's pretty cool.... ALMOST feels like Vegas. But you should know that everything is electronic. No real people are dealing anything... and I wish I could tell you WHY that is, but it just is. The slot machines aren't as fun as Vegas because you don't really "pull" any cranks to watch your numbers turn, but Oaklawn is a FUN FUN place!


Use this link up above to get $10 free gaming dollars. This is for FIRST timers only.

Whether you are going to Oaklawn to play black jack or to bet on the horses... this is TWO thumbs up, GREAT fun for you and your friends!

I'd write more but today is opening day.... and i'm OFF! :)

Going for a stroll

Hot Springs is THE perfect place to just take an afternoon stroll. Whether its you and your love, or you and the family...this is for the Hitt's and the Mrs. My husband and I have spent many of afternoons and evenings going for a stroll downtown. It seems to NEVER get old. This town is beautiful. I gripe about the traffic, and the crowds that come with the races. I gripe about how impossible it is to drive from end of town to the next in under 45 minutes...but at the end of the day I am so glad to live in this little bit town. :)

So go for a stroll when you come to town. Bring your camera. Get some awesome pics. This town is too beautiful to go anywhere with a camera. I say that and I DO that... and i LIVE here :)

Here are some pictures from one of our most recent walks downtown. Just went for an afternoon stroll to look at the beautiful buildings all decked out for the holidays.

Another beautiful spot on bath house row

Walking down Central,aka Bath house Row

Arlington Hotel lobby. BEAUTIFUL Christmas decorations.

Kids come from ALL over to see this gingerbread house :)

This is in front of the Ozark Bath house.