Saturday, January 15, 2011

What to jam to...

Maybe this is not very important to the older people in the world (No offense), but for ME, I don't want to go anywhere that i haven't already figured out what the local radio station is. Even if you aren't tuning in to jam out, you at least want to know where to go find out local weather, road closings, wrecks, etc.

When I am not an aspiring writer, I work for a radio station. :) So yes, I am biast. But here is a lost of Hot Springs BIGGEST And AWESOME-EST stations.

US 97
BIG country! Number 1 station in the area. Always has been, always will be. Good blend of contemporary country with of course a few "flash backs." Weather updates every break by Alan Archer. (Listen closely, he talks fast and slurs a lot) Community calendar's at every other break SO... if you are visiting and want to know whats going on, this is the place to listen!

HOT 96.7
Hottest hits. TOP 40 station! All the new stuff, all the time! not as many weather updates.

ROCKET 101.9
Do you like classic rock? Then here ya go... weather updates periodically.

104.5 THE BULL
Classic country at its best :) Larry Mecom in the mornings. Lots of weather updates.

Talk radio. LOTS of info. Also lots of info about the Village.

KLAZ 105.9
I don't really know how to explain what music they play... sometimes its Top 40, sometimes its 2001 songs. So this ones tougher. So I will say a NICE blend of music from 1998-today. And don't forget the "Flashback Cafe". Every day at lunch flashing back to the oldies. News and weather not as many updates, but will hear it periodically.

AND... if you are planning a visit to the Spa City...go to GREAT website. You can listen live to US 97 and HOT 96 on this website, you can look at community events AND get great prices on some of Hot Springs COOLEST restaurants.

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