Saturday, January 15, 2011

Going for a stroll

Hot Springs is THE perfect place to just take an afternoon stroll. Whether its you and your love, or you and the family...this is for the Hitt's and the Mrs. My husband and I have spent many of afternoons and evenings going for a stroll downtown. It seems to NEVER get old. This town is beautiful. I gripe about the traffic, and the crowds that come with the races. I gripe about how impossible it is to drive from end of town to the next in under 45 minutes...but at the end of the day I am so glad to live in this little bit town. :)

So go for a stroll when you come to town. Bring your camera. Get some awesome pics. This town is too beautiful to go anywhere with a camera. I say that and I DO that... and i LIVE here :)

Here are some pictures from one of our most recent walks downtown. Just went for an afternoon stroll to look at the beautiful buildings all decked out for the holidays.

Another beautiful spot on bath house row

Walking down Central,aka Bath house Row

Arlington Hotel lobby. BEAUTIFUL Christmas decorations.

Kids come from ALL over to see this gingerbread house :)

This is in front of the Ozark Bath house.

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