Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oaklawn-Hot Springs

OAKLAWN has Triple Points on Mondays! Go to Oaklawn and try your luck and receive TRIPLE points! That doesn't mean much to most... BUT... keep this in mind. When you sign up at Oaklawn you receieve $10 to play (its cash... you can leave, or play) and then for every 100 points you earn on your PLAYERS card you receieve $10 bucks. So... go on Mondays and earn triple points.

And of COURSE Wednesdays has double points.

go to OAKLAWNS website by clicking here and get alllll the details :)

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Shanae Buckner said...

That is a very nice promo. How successful was it last year? How about this year? I can just imagine people reserving their Mondays just to avail of that promo. Heeh!

[Shanae Buckner]

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