Saturday, January 15, 2011

And their off...

Oaklawn. Hot Springs is known for hot water and fast horses. Those two things bring so many people to Hot Springs EVERY year!

Racing season for 2011 starts on January 15th(delayed a day because of weather) and will run through April 16th. This is the 107th year of Oaklawn. Kinda crazy, huh?!

A few years back Oaklawn expanded and we now have a casino in the newer half of Oaklawn. It's pretty cool.... ALMOST feels like Vegas. But you should know that everything is electronic. No real people are dealing anything... and I wish I could tell you WHY that is, but it just is. The slot machines aren't as fun as Vegas because you don't really "pull" any cranks to watch your numbers turn, but Oaklawn is a FUN FUN place!

Use this link up above to get $10 free gaming dollars. This is for FIRST timers only.

Whether you are going to Oaklawn to play black jack or to bet on the horses... this is TWO thumbs up, GREAT fun for you and your friends!

I'd write more but today is opening day.... and i'm OFF! :)

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